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Monday 01 September 2014

7:30 Registration


Chair: Jim Elser & Philippe Hinsinger

Keynote  Dana Cordell   Opening Keynote


Session 1 - P in our world

Chair: Dana Cordell & Thomas Nesme

Keynote  Marjolein de Ridder: Redefining the phosphate challenge through reciprocity
Keynote  FuSuo Zhang: Our Phosphorus World ' Picture in intensive agriculture of emerging countries in Asia
Keynote  Kimo van Dijk:Present and future phosphorus use in Europe: food system scenario analyses
Keynote  Michael Obersteiner:Managing the global phosphorus cycle for long-run sustainability and food security

11:10-11:40 Coffee break

Session 1 (cont'd) - P in our world

Chair: Jim Elser & Philippe Hinsinger

Nathaniel Springer:The vulnerability of global food systems to phosphorus scarcity: an economic scenario analysis
Tina-Simone Schmid Neset: Phosphorus vulnerability: A new framework for assessing the vulnerability of national and regional food systems
Hans-Peter Weikard:Phosphorus extraction and food security in the long run
Bruno Ringeval:Current distribution of phosphorus in agricultural soils at global scale
Miia Kuisma: Pathways to sustainable P and N future through participatory backcasting:case Finnish food system

Questions and answers

13:00-14:00 Onsite lunch


Sessions 1-2-5

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Session 2 - P in our resources and environment

Chair: Stuart White & Paul Withers

Keynote  Mike McLaughlin:Opportunities with phosphorus and threats from cadmium in fertilizers
Keynote  Richard McDowell:Environmental considerations of phosphorus use


Session 2 (cont'd) - P in our resources and environment

Chair: Paul Withers & Stuart White

Emmanuel Frossard:Been there, done that - A short history of phosphate adequacy research and discourse
Nils Haneklaus:Using High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors for low grade phosphate rock processing
Ben Surridge: Nutrient footprints in agricultural systems at catchment scale within the UK and China
Marc Stutter: Designer riparian buffers ' using plant phylogeny to close the arable agricultural phosphorus (P) cycle
Carmo Horta:Animal manures applied to soil: Phosphorus bioavailability, losses to water and erosion
Karen Daly: Phosphorus buffering capacity in grassland soils with respect to availability and management of phosphorus in fields

Questions and answers


YSW Young Scientists’ Message

Chair: Dana Cordell & Philippe Hinsinger

19:00-22:30 Welcome cocktail

Tuesday 02 September 2014


Session 3 - P in our fields

Chair: Fusuo Zhang & Philippe Hinsinger

Keynote  Sylvain Pellerin:Phosphorus in manures and other organic products: what limits proper recycling of this resource in agriculture?
Keynote  Shamie Zingore: Deficiency and management options for phosphorus in maize production in East and Southern Africa
Keynote  Matthias Wissuwa: Breeding for enhanced phosphorus efficiency in rice


Round Table - Towards a global P governance

Chair: Stuart White & Chris Thornton

Introductory talk  Arno Rosemarin:Global Phosphorus Governance: Why so misunderstood and the mammoth policy gap ?

Panel discussion  gathering scientists and stakeholders:
Philippe Ciais / Oene Oenema / Arno Rosemarin / Jean-François Soussana /Fusuo Zhang / Shamie Zingore

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

Session 3 (cont'd) - P in our fields

Chair: Paul Withers & Sylvain Pellerin

Marijn van der Velde: African crop yield reductions due to increasingly unbalanced Nitrogen and Phosphorus consumption
Fien Amery:Phosphorus fertilization: comparing legislation in Europe
Jianbo Shen: Efficient use of soil legacy P by maize through modifying rhizosphere processes across different ecological zones
Debby van Rotterdam: Making optimal use of P reserves in soils and secondary waste streams in The Netherlands
Thomas Nesme: Where does the phosphorus in organic products come from ?
Lin Ma: Trends of phosphorus use efficiency in the food chain of China
Philippe Hinsinger: Facilitation of P acquisition by intercropping cereal and grain legumes in field conditions


Questions and answers

12:40-13:30 Onsite lunch

Session 4 - P in our food

Chair: Tina Neset & Sylvain Pellerin

Keynote  Barbara Burlingame: Dietary phosphorus
Keynote  Graham Hadden:Trends in phosphorus use in animal feeds


Session 3 (cont'd) - P in our fields

Chair: Thomas Nesme and Paul Withers 

Timothy George:Understanding the genetic control of rhizosheath formation and impacts of multiple stress on phosphorus acquisition
Cecile Julia: Importance of phosphorus (P) remobilization during grain filling in rice plant regarding the P regime
Andry Andriamananjara: Is Phosphorus known by Malagasy rice producers: as a companion or as a threat against local environment ?
Lalith Suriyagoda:Towards the selection of phosphorus efficient rice varieties
Aliou Faye: Challenges and opportunities on the use of bio fertilizers: Examples from Senegal and Kenya

Questions and answers

15:30-16:00 Coffee break


Session 3


Sessions 4 - P in our food (cont'd) and 5 - P in our wastes

Chair: Sylvain Pellerin & Tina Neset

Stuart White: The future of phosphorus demand: food, diet and equity
Elizabeth Webeck: Phosphorus requirements for the changing diets of China, India and Japan
Jan-Olof Drangert: Food and phosphorus security: bridging the global / local gap

 Alejandra Campos: Valorisation of livestock manure into P-rich organic soil amendment for environmental and economic sustainability

Questions and answers

Wednesday 03 September 2014


Session 5 - P in our wastes

Chair: Dana Cordell & Kimo van Dijk 

Keynote  Christian Kabbe:P recycling options for urban P
Keynote  Ndeye Yacine Badiane Ndour: Recyling P in rural or peri-urban farming systems in Sub Saharan Africa and Madagascar
Keynote  Cynthia Carliell-Marquet:Towards closed loop phosphorus management: The UK Water Industry


Round Table - National / Regional Phosphorus Platforms:
 lessons learnt

Chair: Francesco Presicce & Tina Neset

Introductory talk  Chris Thornton :What are all these different initiatives on phosphorus sustainability and where are they going ?
Introductory talk  Masaru Yarime : Establishing stakeholder platforms for sustainable phosphorus management: a comparative analysis of Japan and Europe

Panel discussion  gathering scientists and stakeholders :
Jim Elser / Philippe Eveillard / Valérie Maquère / Chris Thornton / Masaru Yarime

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

Session 5 (cont'd) - P in our wastes

Chair: Stuart White & Kimo van Dijk 

Ola Stedje Hanserud:A regional-scale soil phosphorus balance for exploring mineral fertilizer substitution potentials : the case of Norway
Marthe de Graaff:Sustainable airport cities - closing the phosphorus cycle at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Geneviève Metson: Phosphorus cycling in Montreal's food system and through urban agriculture
Maximilian Severin:Phosphate fertilizer effect of thermally processed sewage sludge ash compared to triple superphosphate
Laetitia Six:Is there a potential for phosphate recycling in the mineral fertilizer production ?
Lukas Egle:P-recovery from waste water: comparative assessment of P-recovery potential, removal of pollutants and costs
Kazuyo Matsubae: Potential and bottleneck for recovery and recycling of P in steelmaking slag: Focusing China, India

Questions and answers

12:40-13:30 Onsite lunch

Parallel brainstorming workshops


15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Workshop outcomes

Chair: Tina Neset & Jim Elser



Chair: Dana Cordell & Philippe Hinsinger

Last update: 4 January 2015

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