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Montpellier is one of France's oldest University cities with Paris and Toulouse (XIII Century), and has become today a major hub for research on environment and development issues. The city is located on hilly ground 10 kilometers (6 mi) inland from the Mediterranean Sea coast on the banks of the Lez River. The medieval center, “the Ecusson”, gives to the city its unique and intimate feeling. We hope that you will take this opportunity to enjoy the social and cultural life of the City and to visit the unique surrounding (natural and Unesco World Heritage sites).


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Local transportation

You can find maps and information at the Montpellier Tourist Office located on the Place de la Comédie, 500m from Corum, and open 7 days a week (phone: 04 67 60 60 60) or at the Corum information desk (level 1). Montpellier offers a comprehensive network of buses and trams, available from 5 am to 1 am.
  Information on Montpellier local transports (TAM).

Tramway & buses
 You can buy tickets at the automatic distributors available at each tramway station. To buy passes, go to TAM office, next to railway station. Fares are:
 • One-way fare: 1.40€
 • 1-day pass: 3.80€
 • Round-trip fare: 2.50€
 • 7-day: 15€
 • 10 ride pass: 12€

Tickets can be bought in the automatic distributors available at each tramway station. The tramway “ligne 1”, decorated in blue with white swallows, connects the northern part of the city with the odysseum terminal on the southeast side. The “ligne 2”, decorated in a flower-power theme, goes from east to west. The colorful “ligne 3”, designed by the famous fashion designer christian lacroix, goes from west to east, arriving near the seaside at perols. From there, you can rent a bike or take a short walk (around 20 minutes) to get to the beach. The golden “ligne 4”, also designed by christian lacroix, serves only downtown. Some 30 bus lines are connected to the tramway lines to offer a comprehensive network that will transport you around Montpellier.

 Vélomagg bicycle service 
 To take full advantage of our beautiful weather and gentle environment, stop by one of the city's numerous bike stations and pick up a bike to ride around. You'll feel truly free meandering through town and along 150 km of bicycle paths. The Vélomagg' service offers bicycles just the way you want them: available and inexpensive. For your riding pleasure, 50 automatic bike stations with over 2,000 bicycles are available in Montpellier and Agglomération area. Service is open 24/24, 7/7. All you need is personal identification and you can rent a bicycle to ride the streets of the city and outlying area. You can buy tickets at the Esplanade bike station (next to Montpellier Tourist Office)

 Also available upon call, or at the railway station, or the Comedie station.
 Tram Taxi: 04 67 58 10 10
 Blue Taxi: 04 67 03 20 00
 Radio du Midi Taxi: 04 67 10 00 00
 Languedoc Taxi: 04 67 10 03 04
 2000 Taxi: 04 67 04 00 60

Banking and credit cards
 Banks are open generally from 9:00 to 16:30 with a break at lunch time, from Monday to Friday. Cash machines can be found almost everywhere, even in the Corum conference center at level 0.

 Most shops are open from 9 or 10 am until 7 pm. On Sunday, shops are closed.

 A large variety of restaurants and cafés are scattered throughout Montpellier, with a very large offer downtown, at walking from the Corum. Some of them are opened late at night. Prices for a menu usually start from 12 € at lunch and 18€ for dinner.
  More information on the tourist office website

Emergency numbers:
 15: Emergency ambulance service
 17: Police
 18: Fire Brigade

 French health care does not cover visitors to France. Please ensure that you have a suitable insurance coverage for the event of illness or accident. The organizing committee will not accept liability for personal injuries sustained by or for loss or damage to property belonging to the participants.

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